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Alexandra Semadar

We appreciate their swift delivery of results as well as ...

Aflofarm projekt

Web development


Long-term cooperation and website development

Adam Wohl

Their marketing knowledge completes their service and it it distinguishes them from ...

Medical Admin projekt

Web development | Graphic design

Medical Admin

Web application and website development, graphic design works.

Our work has also spread to cooperation with companies such as Mediasharks, HoppyGo and we also took a part in developing an e-shop for Nanosondy.

Ostatní projekty


Other projects

Video-making, website and e-shop development

Our Team

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Daniel Janota

Project Leader & Developer
Daniel Janota

Hacker of effectiveness

Ceaseless innovation and evolution is one of the priorities I hold close to my heart. Progressive approach to leading a team and the development itself allows us to push the boundaries and create unconventional projects with an actual impact.

Daniel Janota, Endpoint Digital

Matthias Scott Eška

Creative Designer
Matthias Eška

Creative since the cradle!

Ever since I was little I was interested in the aesthetical side of things. When you add my creativity and my sense for detail, the result is an unforgettable design, which also stands out with its funcionality.

Matthias Scott Eška, Endpoint Digital

Ondřej Vileta

Lead Backend Developer
Ondřej Vileta

Team technician

The possibilities created by this company are nearly endless. As the back-end developer of the team, I am free to introduce modern approach to solving challenging problems. The only limitations are those we set ourselves.

Ondřej Vileta, Endpoint Digital

Maximilian Eška

Frontend Developer
Maximilian Eška

An empathetic analyst

I bring happiness through my work. I can combine my empathy towards a client with my analyst view, which enables me to create websites that work.

Maximilan Eška, Endpoint Digital

Jan Lounek

Marketing Specialist
Jan Lounek

Curator of all the trends!

What I enjoy about internet marketing is its dynamic and unpredictable character. That is why it is important to keep working on ourselves and to broaden our horizons to keep up with the competition.

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